Coal Mining

In recent years, the Indonesian coal market has become liberalized. This brought a lot of new players on the market causing a rather turbulent market condition in which there a lies a challenge for many players to successfully meet the diverse needs of customers around the world. Mirah Resources is answering the complex demand of today’s market by her local presence in one of Indonesia's major mining regions and by having pre-financing instruments in place.


Our core strategy is to build integrated supply chains within the thermal coal commodity sector. By doing this we control all critical stages of the supply process; from low-cost production sources to ocean transportation. We keep adding value at each subsequent step of the supply chain process. By owning, controlling and managing the physical assets needed to move high-quality thermal coal reliably, we secure a long-term supply of thermal coal.


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Mirah Resources has built a supply chain grid through which we are able to apply our knowledge, local network and management expertise. We have signed long-term contracts with producers and utility companies thus enabling us to trade thermal coal in significant economies of scale. By continuously pursuing selective strategic alliances with third parties we are aiming for growth.

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The range of customers we serve is limited. By profiling our potential customers we minimise risks from the start.

We only target markets with high structural growth in demand;
We limit our customers to end-users such as power plants and major trading houses;
We take the potential customer’s emission reduction capabilities into account;
Mirah Resources is committed to the development of long-term relationships.

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