Oil & Gas

PT Poros Wahana Energi was incorporated in June 2007 to venture into Indonesian Oil & Gas Industry In the recent years , the Indonesian gas and oil market has become liberalized. This brought lot of new players on the market causing a rather turbulent market condition in which there a lies a challenge for many players to successfully meet the diverse needs of customers around the world. Poros Energy is answering the complex demand of today’s market by h er local presence in one of Indonesia’s major exploration block regions and by having pre financing instrument in place

  • Operated under Production Sharing Contract (PSC) for 30 years
  • Contractors: Chevron Ganal/Rapak Ltd (62%), Eni Ganal/Rapak Ltd (20%), and Sinopec Ganal/Rapak Ltd (18%).
  • Chevron as the operator
  • Located in East Kalimantan  Picture1
  • First ultra-deepwater development in Indonesia
  • Plan of Development and extension of contract duration is currently being reviewed by the Ministry of      Energy and Mineral Resources
  • Discoveries between 3,000 to 6000 ft Water Depth (WD), with newly built Floating Production Unit (FPU)
  • Gas Reserves 2 - 4 TCF, with potential peak gas rate of approximatel
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On March 7 2014 Poros / Selaras has signed  a joint venture agreement with MMP to establish 2 joint venture companies as the vehicle for PI which are :



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